Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trust the Process

Let’s just trust the process. If other people don’t want to trust the process, that’s fine. If other people want to abandon the process, then abandon it. I’m not abandoning the process. I believe in the process. ~Dayton Moore

Everywhere I turn, I seem to be running into people who's lives are turning upside down, or perhaps right side up. Either way, it is a time of great flux and change on the planet and the only thing that seems consistent is change itself.

As I go through this myself, I have found one reminder to keep me calm and sane during this mass process of change and shedding the old: Trust the process! That is, we are entering a time in which so much of the old and familiar is dropping away and yet the new is completely unknown. It is as though we are coming to the edge of a cliff and we can look back and see what was, but as we look forward all we see is a vast expanse of openness. The only thing that we can do to keep moving forward is to take one giant step in faith and trust that the path will appear with every step we take in the right direction.

For many this is terrifying, for others it is thrilling. For me, it just is. While I have my days, that I too freak out and wonder, is everything really changing this quickly? Has everything I know and have known gone away? If so, what is it being replaced with, what is coming? I don't have the answers and while for many months I have tried to figure it out with my logical mind, I have begun instead to let going of trying to get it and to just trust the process as to what is and what is coming.

The last few months have been particularly about letting go and surrendering to what my conscious mind thinks it should all look like and what is coming and how it may unfold. It isn't easy for someone used to always having a plan, to let go like that. But what I have been finding is that the holding on is the painful part. Holding on to what it should look like, how it should happen, the timing of it all and the expectations are what creates the stress, fear and discombobulation! Whereas, when I let go and watch what unfolds, I am pleasantly surprised and mysteriously amazed at what is appearing before me.

As I have been experiencing over and over again when I try to understand it or control it, I suffer a lot more than if I let go and trust the process.

Is your life shifting every day, on every level, in every way? If so, let go of your expectations, of what you think it should look like, when or even how, and let go, trust the process and allow it to be whatever it may become and more than you ever imagined possible!

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