Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Are What You Eat!

I recently keep being reminded that we are what we eat! Over the last few years, I have been on a journey of purifying my body, mind and spirit. It has not always been the easiest of journeys! But I have increased my Kundalini yoga and meditation practice to elevate my spirit, have gone through various cleanses and dietary shifts to purify my intestines, organs and body, and working on something that I love that feeds my heart, soul and intellect! The transformation has been mind blowing and let me tell you, there have been some dark moments as I have had to clear out the old, fear, negativity, anger, and resentments that were stored in my body through the process. The result is nothing less than staggering. I feel like a new me.

Then I remembered reading something that Deepak Chopra wrote that every atom in the human body is replaced somewhere between every year and seven years. The stomach lining is replaced every 4 days, new skin every 30 days, a new liver in 6 weeks, blood is replaced in 90 days, the bones and skeleton can take longer.

Our bodies are also 60% water. Studies by Masaru Emoto on water molecules found that positive changes to water molecules can be achieved through prayer, positive thoughts or words attached to containers of water. If this is true about water, imagine what our thoughts do to our bodies? Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, our spirit or soul is energy. Our thoughts have the powerful potential of healing ourselves and moving energy to help ourselves and others. (

I recently watched the movie Food Matters ( which was one of the most powerful documentaries about the impact that food has on our bodies and reminded me that you are what you eat. The way we eat, taking supplements, and making a lifestyle change and commitment can transform your health and life. Instead today chronic malnutrition is massively impacting our health. Over 100,000 people die every year from taking pharmaceuticals as directed. Yet doctors, the FDA and others claim that natural supplements cause harm, what is our “health” care system doing for our health? It is treating sickness rather than promoting health.

As you think about your health and seek to improve it, remember that your thoughts create your reality. I have a trick when I am starting to feel sick, I begin to chant the mantra, “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy” over and over again and every time I am well within 24 hours. I am also starting to recognize that what you eat literally replenishes and revitalizes or drains and destroys your body.

The choice is yours? What will you choose? Give it a try…transform your thinking and eating and watch you health and wellbeing turn around for the positive. Miracles can happen and you have the power to make them happen.