Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Is Your Gift?

It is funny. A few months back for my company, OneGiving, we created a video entitled, "What Is Your Gift?" ( Over the past week, that question has come up front and center for me more than I ever imagined possible.

We all have gifts. But how many of us see our own gifts? And further, how many of us actually allow ourselves to use and share our gifts in our professional lives, in our personal lives and every day?

I know that may seem like an odd question. Yet so often we are raised to do what is practical, rather than that which allows our hearts to sing, our spirits to soar, and our gifts to be shared. I had a conversation today about Indian culture, Italian culture and other cultures for that matter and how many cultures place value on professions such as engineers, doctors, teachers or similar professions. Being an entrepreneur or working in marketing, writing, social marketing or social entrepreneurism are definitely considered more esoteric and often less valued as "not real" professions.

I was recently probed and asked the question, what are your gifts? What do you love to do? I knew in my heart and soul, that I have the gift of connecting - connecting people, visions and connecting the dots. I am a connector, that is one of my biggest contributions. I was then asked, what if rather than trying to do other work and do, do, do the "work" that I think I am supposed to do, I just be me and connect and consider that my real "work?" Wow, I was stunned. But that isn't the paradigm I was raised in, it isn't the paradigm I have known.

Yet, what if in this new paradigm and new era, this is changing? As the financial systems, education systems and other tumble around us, maybe there is a natural progression and movement in the direction of what is possible, impossible and beyond? What if we are being called out of what is stable, practical and comfortable, to truly cultivate, use and share our gifts? What are your GIFTS? And how will you share them today?

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