Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Will You Follow?

When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else. ~ Joseph Campbell

I remember one time I was sitting with my Kundalini Yoga guru and he asked a question to our class about businesses that if a business idea was presented that two people believed and 98 didn't, who would you follow? Many people said the 98. I said likely the two because most likely the two can see what the others cannot see, that is what entrepreneurs do. He laughed and said that it was funny that the entrepreneur in the room would say that and that I was right on.

It was an interesting reminder for me on that day, as likely it was one of the days, that I was up against the wall, uncomfortable in my life because I had chosen the entrepreneurial path. Let me tell you, some days being an entrepreneur really isn't easy. It takes courage and a stomach that many can't handle. Some days I can't handle it.

That day, my class reminded me that sometimes we can see things that others can't see or we can't see things that others can see. Entrepreneurs are often visionaries who see things before others can see them and they create solutions to solve problems, before others. Then once they are up and running, others get it. But they often think the entrepreneurs are crazy in the process.

I definitely have experienced that a lot lately in the creation of my company OneGiving and it hasn't always been easy. Yet, it has taught me a lot about following or, should I say, not following. A friend reminded me along my journey that it isn't for me to follow others but to seek my own truth within. It is something so true that I am learning to live more and more every day.

I used to look outside me for my answers and guidance. Now I may look externally to scan the landscape of what is out there and what is possible. Yet, when I am looking for answers I look within for the answers to come and to follow my truth, my path, my bliss.

I am learning more and more every day that by following my heart, my soul, my inner guidance, and my spirit guidance, that the days get easier and the path gets clearer. I am starting to see my beauty, get clarity for my vision and for my life, and be more confident with each step I take. I am learning to trust in that process that as long as I am following my inner compass, I can put one foot forward even before the step appears and I know that I know that I know that it will show up.

That is who I will follow - I follow myself and trust in my own inner guidance and spirit to show me the way. Follow your bliss and watch as the rest takes care of itself!

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