Monday, March 28, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I recently got to thinking about the Wizard of Oz and the wonderful analogy that the Yellow Brick Road is...

It reminds me of life. Just like in the movie, it is not about getting to some overhyped destination to see some Wizard to give us things that we think we want or don't have. But rather, we got it all going on right here and now, if we pay attention and accept our own greatness and the gifts and abundance along our way.

It is funny. I wrote a book about living in the moment ( and I still have so much to learn and need constant reminders to stay present.

I used to be such a planner and lately I feel as though, I haven't been able to plan ahead even if I try. Literally, it is like the Universe is playing a trick on me to get me to really BE present. Every time I try to plan more than a few days out, something changes and I have to shift everything.

I am finally starting to give in and just plan almost moment to moment. It seems that in doing so I am able to appreciate all that the Yellow Brick Road has to offer. I can take in the sights, the poppies, the clean air, my friends and appreciate it all - even visits from the wicked witch or the fairy godmother.

And Oz, now isn't that an interesting analogy. So often we make our destination out to be something so big or someone so important. We put them on a pedestal and think wow they've gotten there they must be all that - we aggrandize them in our minds. Yet, when we get there we realize, wow, they are human too, and gee, I'm better at things than I ever give myself credit for.

So, maybe for just a moment every day or more often, if you can just look around, smell the flowers and appreciate YOUR Yellow Brick Road. If it isn't what you want, look for what you like and want in it and make it what you want, see it for what you want and see yourself for all that you are.

Rather, than waiting to get to the land of Oz and be disappointed, enjoy your Yellow Brick Road. This is your life! Be here now. Choose in and make it all that you can!

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  1. I really liked that Pilar.

  2. thanks jason...good to hear from you...hope you are well ;) p