Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BE the light, SHINE your light

As I woke up today on this 1.11.11, I reflected on the state of the world and all that is going on. Birds are dropping out of the sky, people are being shot, animals are dying, storms are brewing and to the casual observer one may think there just might be something to this 2012 thing and the apocalypse.

The reality is that our realities are created by what we believe. If we believe that there is violence and negativity around us, we will only see that. Yet if we see the good, the opportunity and the possibility in everything, we may just create those things in the world around us.

I always remember the saying, after the darkness comes the light. Having lived in a state of darkness for many years myself, when I couldn't see the positive or the opportunity anywhere, I know that statement really is true.

Sometimes, before we are able to get to the light, we have to go through a dark period. I believe, being in that darkness, causes (or forces) us to go inward, to reflect and find the courage and strength within to come out fighting. The reality is that some of us don't make it out alive. But for those of us that do, we come out living, breathing and being the light.

We all have a choice. Does that mean the choice is an easy one? Not necessarily. Yet the only person we can change is ourselves. So if we see a world of darkness and are surrounded by a world of negativity, what are the choices we have? We can choose darkness or we can choose to BE the light, SHINE the light and BRING light to the world and those around us.

What choices are you making in your life? Are you fully SHINING your light? What is one thing you can do today to BE the light? What is one thing you can do every day to SHINE your light?

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