Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stay in Your Breath

To fly, we have to have resistance. ~Maya Lin

I got this quote in my inbox this morning from the daily reminders from Seems like such a good reminder and so timely too! The last couple of days I have been fluctuating between being in a total state of grace as though I am being craddled in divine hands and being in complete and utter resistance. At some moments it is as though I am a space ship is breaking through the atmosphere and the space ship is shaking violently as though it might not make it through.

I am watching friends, loved ones and the people around me go through it too. Some are falling apart and allowing fear to overcome them. I am getting it more and more every day. So when I feel the resistance, I remember to stay in my breath. I was reminded of that recently by a dear friend. It was a good reminder.

We really all are meant to fly, to find and live our life's purpose and there will be resistance at moments along that path. I am learning what faith truly is and how staying in my breath, staying in love and staying VERY PRESENT helps keep moving me forward. I am bearing witness to people around me who are close to a desired dream or vision and right before it manifests, they pull out. The pressure gets too much, the resistance too strong and they forget to breathe, they begin to crack.

It isn't the easiest of journeys to stay on the path of our dreams and to walk in faith. I have my moments. Lately I feel like I am being tested, "Is this really what you want?" and so I walk on. The resistance and obstacles sometimes seem like too much, seem overwhelming at in my last blog post. But I am learning to walk in faith and walk in grace more and more every day.

I recently had a day that felt like complete perfection. It was one of those clear days in my spirit that just reminded me that I will be ok and I was given several reminders to keep going. It felt really good. I felt really good.

The next day resistance hit. I had a ton of fear pour in. I kept reminding myself to be present, to stay in my breath and allow the resistance, almost flow with it. I also needed to remember to quiet my mind a bit - meditate, surf or just sit and be present with all that I was thinking and feeling.

I had something come up that I was not expecting, that I did not feel ready for and yet it felt so comfortable, right and safe. I know how I felt and yet my mind went a chattering! You aren't ready, take it slow, but holy moly you haven't felt like this in a while, get out, breathe, it is going to be ok, you are going to be ok, just stay in your breath, don't get ahead of yourself, run, resist, joy, peace, breathe.

I imagine you can relate...I think we have all had those kind of moments! Anyway, I realized that resistance is good, it is just what we do with it. It serves as a reminder that we are growing and pushing up against something that we need to work through or overcome to grow. So I keep breathing and reminding myself, "This is good. Keep going. You are on the right track." I am remembering to be present and I know I will get through this too. So I might as well enjoy it while I do!

May you allow the resistance to flow through you and remember to breathe. This too shall pass.

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