Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Yesterday I had a bad day. I guess we all have bad days sometimes.

Some days, most days I feel like a superhero. That is, I feel like I can and I will do and take on anything I set my mind to. Then, I have one of those days that I feel like the bad guy came and took a super bulldozer and just whacked the crap out of me. And it feels like I can't even dare to take another step forward...that the universe is conspiring against me and there is no relief in sight.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Why do I share this when many of us have bad days on a regular basis? Just for that a reminder to all of us...that no matter if frequent or few and far between, it is ok to have a bad day...and we are not alone. Even superheroes have bad days!

What I realized about it, is that it is just what you do with it. I used to have a bad day and either two things would happen, I would wallow in it or stuff it and quickly find something to do to keep me busy so I could move on, yet never deal with the emotions or the issue and so it would always linger or come back to haunt me in an even bigger way at a later date.

First I let myself feel what I was feeling and sit with my feelings, cry, get angry, breathe, be sad, be angry, be mad, cry, breathe a little more and sit with all that I was feeling. I didn't wallow in it and beat myself up or tell myself I should get over it and shouldn't be crying. I just allowed myself to be with it, be with me and feel what I was feeling.

What a miracle that was and such a different way of experiencing a really hard day - almost a nurturing, not wallowing, way. I had moments when I could sit as though observing myself from above and just watch and allow everything to release - all the pent up frustration, fear, hurt, sadness and anger pour out of me. It was as though I could see it pour out of my spout, rather than bubble up and then get smushed back down. I could see the steam burning off. What a release...what a relief!

The funny thing was that as my mood escalated there was a massive storm that ensued - with major rain, thunder and lightening that lit up the sky. I felt like the heavens were raging with me, reminding me that I am not alone. It was comforting and soothing to remember that everybody has a bad day sometimes and I was not alone.

I then found myself, a few hours later when the amplified feelings subsided, and the thunderstorm ;), beginning to shift into solution mode. I kind of chuckled at myself as I observed this. Ok, so how do I shift out of this and turn yet another obstacle into an opportunity.

This is what I believe makes a superhero, a superhero. It isn't that they don't have fears and obstacles, it is just that they don't let them stop them from moving forward. It is just a temporary setback. What makes me human is to recognize and allow myself to take a little time to feel the pain and allow the healing to occur. While I had a ton of ideas come up and solutions pop in, and even some that I immediately acted upon, I decided to get a good night's sleep first and remember that tomorrow is another day. This is the balance between human and superhero, human and spiritual being - and it is a balance every day!

So I went to sleep, got some rest, and even reminded myself of all that I am grateful for and forgave myself.

Today is another day. Super P is ready to fly again. I hope your day is filled with joy, peace and gratitude. And if it isn't, it is ok too. Just take a deep breath, allow yourself to feel it, release it and just remember that tomorrow is another day.

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