Saturday, May 2, 2009

Play Hooky...

I took this idea from my book, BEing the Present: 101 Ways to Inspire Living and Giving ( It was one of the 101 ways to live in the moment and be present.

Yesterday, I played hooky in the afternoon with my friend Reshma to go see the movie Wolverine! How much fun and what a way to let go of stress and just enjoy the day. And when I say enjoy the day, boy did we ever, how could we not, with Hugh Jackman flaunting his delicious body all over that screen? No but all kidding aside about Hugh's hot body, the reality is we all need to play hooky sometimes. When was the last time you played hooky?

I realized that I don't stop to play hooky enough. Meaning, I don't always take time out to do something frivolous, silly and literally, without a purpose. I feel so driven in my life to make a difference and feel like I am finally fulfilling my purpose that I sometimes forget to just go blow off steam for a day or an afternoon or whatever it takes. The cool thing is, I so love my life, my work and my days that I don't feel I need to. Even if I don't feel I need to let loose a little, I realized after yesterday's extravaganza that it really did my body and soul good.

So the next time you get a chance, take a day or an afternoon and go play hooky. It will refresh, revive and reinvigorate you so you can get back on your path and purpose with more joy and bounce in your step! Enjoy the day and weekend!

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