Monday, May 11, 2009

Resistance is Futile

What you resist persists. ~ Carl Jung

This quote has kept coming to me over the past few days, so I thought it was worth writing about. Particularly because I was also recently reminded: If you hit resistance to something rather than avoid it or get annoyed by it, face it, kiss it and it will be gone.

Now literally you can't kiss some of the difficult situations in your life, but there is so much truth to this idea - embrace it, face it, deal with it and then you can move on. Every time we think we have learned a lesson and it shows up again in a different form, it likely means that we really didn't learn the full lesson. Until we do and embrace and accept it, it will continue to persist.

I have had this happen to me so much throughout my life and lately have hit it again. I keep seeing the same scenario come up over and over again and of course, my first reaction is to get frustrated and think to myself, "Oh no, not this again." But every time I go down that road, I am just contributing to the continuation of this experience. Finally, this expression really hit me in the middle of one of these experiences and I thought to myself, "Ok, here it is again, what can I do?" I have the choice to be annoyed and fight this or I can choose to truly face it and deal with it and embrace it as a gift for me to learn and grow from. I chose the latter. What a relief. When I could be truthful with myself about it, I was able to change the outcome.

It really was that simple. But in life, we seem to make things so complicated because we are tied to a specific outcome or we have certain expectations of how things should look. Where are you doing this in your life? What can you do to shift something you keep running into over and over again by truly facing it, embracing it and hence, overcoming it? Try it out. You may be amazed, and relieved, to find how quickly that thing that has been bothering you for days, weeks or even years, magically disappears over night.

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