Friday, May 1, 2009

Allowing What Is

If we let go of what our plans are, we allow what is. ~ Pilar Stella

This quote came to me this morning when I woke up. So many of us plan our lives away. I know I have always been a planner - until recently (and I still do it, but less and less). That is, I am beginning to truly allow what is and honor what the universe presents to me more and more every day. It is quite an amazing, and different, way for me to live.

Yet, I am finding more of the magic and mystery of allowing what is. Every time I think something is going to happen or should happen a certain way, I am reminded that it is definitely not on MY TIME or in MY PLANS. As a result, I am beginning to let go and allow what is.

I received the following video link today in my inbox:
How funny and fun. A little bit of music uplifted and transformed an entire train station. It is moments like these that allow us to put down our plans and truly enjoy what is. I am finding that through this process of allowing, that the things that show up are sooo much more amazing and powerful than I could have ever imagined. Yet when I limit myself to doing what I planned then I remain closed to all the amazing potential things that may show up if I were to remain open to them.

Something to remember in all of this is that living this way is often not how we were taught. In fact, it is pretty much the exact opposite. So take little baby steps and allow yourself to slowly adapt to opening and allowing. You may be surprised at the delight and joy that you find flowing into your life! Relax, enjoy and allow what is!

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