Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter-ific, Twitter Inspired

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.
~ Winston Churchill

I have to say I have been truly amazing and inspired by the world that is Twitter! While it often takes a lot of time and upkeep and yes, many of the tweets often feel like bombardments of sales pitches, it is well worth the time and energy put in.

Over the last few weeks, I have had calls with people I have connected with on and through Twitter and I have been completely inspired! Thank you! And it got me excited to talk to many more Twitter-friends to come!

When I moved to LA, I was amazed by this place that so many people dislike because for me I found a haven. For me, I found home. LA is the land of misfit toys. Do you remember that land in the childhood favorite TV show Rudolf The Red Nosed-Reindeer, where all the “misfit” toys go when they are rejected by Santa’s elves if they are deemed not good enough to be given out on Christmas? Well, LA is a lot like that, people who haven’t fit any where else, fit in here. We are dreamers, we are believers. Why else do you think it is called the City of Angels?

You may think I digress, but here’s the tie in. While LA is the land of misfit toys, Twitter of the online land of misfit toys – maybe? Or maybe not? I am not quite sure, but whatever it is, it is a community where you can be yourself and share all of you. Some days you may share what you know, what you have learned, what is the latest and greatest news or information in your fields of interest and expertise. Other days, you may share about your travels or random laughs or other stories and in doing so you begin to expose all of you.

I have heard it said (by @chrisbrogan, among others) that the universe of Twitter and similar sites, will bring us more into alignment as a culture, society and world. That is, now that we are exposing more of our personal and professional lives, we can’t continue to compartmentalize those pieces of ourselves and we are moving in the direction of better aligning our whole selves. And if we aren’t in integrity in one part of our lives, it will now, more emphatically bleed into the rest of our life. So the good news is: we are almost completely being forced into better alignment. The bad news? I don’t think this is really bad news, but some might: if we did have the tendency of being out of integrity or alignment, we might have to be a bit more careful about all that we do and say personally and professionally so as not to get caught. How cool is that, a technology like Twitter can do all that?

Anyway, here are a few of the amazing people I have met in the Twitter-verse for this #FollowFriday! I am grateful for their wisdom, friendship, mutual respect and support!

@changevnglst - Sidney Hargro is a community philanthropy professional, yet his passion is social innovation, being a change agent, connecting and promoting others. He is a relentless idealist, and is fun, passionate, compassionate human being! His blog is at: - enjoy the balance between head and heart!

@pauldunn is an entrepreneur and the Chair of Buy1GIVE1 ( He is a thoughtful, insighful philanthropist who cares deeply about leaving a legacy on this planet and inspiring others to do the same. Check him out!

@stevedrake is the CEO of DrakeCo, an accredited Association Management Company. However, Steve is also passionate about cause marketing. You can also check out his tweets at @causeaholic! His blog is at:

@drguenette is a mind-body specialist, healer and philosopher. He is working on a project to explore peace in healing - both inner and outer peace as the solutions to all of our healing. He is an inspiring soul, more at:

What do you find inspiring or terrific about Twitter? Who inspires you?

That is it for another exciting #followfriday! Thank you all for inspiring me and hopefully Twitter will continue to connect and inspire others! I may be found on Twitter @pilarstella and Facebook Peace!

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