Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dream BIG!

Once you discover your dream, the next thing you may feel is that you are inadequate for the task. Good... it's a big enough dream. ~ Unknown

Dream BIG - there really is no other way! I have been told for much of my life that I dream too big and I need to be careful or I could be very disappointed. See, now here's the trick I am learning - Dreaming BIG does not mean have high just means dream BIG. So what's the difference, you may ask?

Well, let's put it this way. If you dream big and set high expectations, you definitely might be disappointed when the journey to your dreams does not look like you expected it to. So set your dreams BIG - if your knees aren't shaking or stomach isn't turning, it isn't big enough - and then let go of what it looks like, do your part and have patience along the journey, but stay committed. Then you haven't set any limits for what is possible and how BIG your dreams may be, but then you are allowing them to show up as they are meant to. There really is a nuance here as I am learning.

Often in the past, I have dreamt really BIG and then somewhere in thinking about my dreams, I got overwhelmed and thought, what am I kidding, who am I to want this and I have walked away from my dreams, after planting the seeds but before the harvest. So remember to plant the seeds with your dream in mind and then let go, tend to the garden, do your part and keep coming back to check on things so you are ready for harvest when the time comes.

So many times I am afraid and think to myself, I must be crazy, this dream is WAY TOO BIG for ME...and when I walk away from that I am making that decision to squish my dreams. Many of us have even stopped dreaming - we have numbed out into a place of complacency and comfort - and when asked what do we dream about, we can't even answer.

Spend some time thinking about it and reviving your dreams and then take one little step every day towards it. You might be surprised how quickly things unfold, if you make that commitment, walk confidently forward in that commitment and tend to the garden regularly...then you may actually begin to see the fruits of your labor appearing in ways you never could have imagined, nor dreamed of - even bigger and better!

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