Friday, April 24, 2009

No is the First Step to YES!

A few months ago a friend of mine shared that expression with me and it was truly perfect for where I was in my life and continues to serve me well today. I am learning that we get a lot of NO's in our life - especially when we commit ourselves to taking BIG risks and going for our dreams. Along the way, we are told NO a lot! Part of this I think is the universe's way of checking in with us to see, "Do you really want this? Are you truly committed to it? And how bad do you want it?" So there are little tests and obstacles along the way!

The interesting thing is that the NO's are what make us stronger. The no's are just obstacles getting in our way to help us grow, so that when we get to the bigger and bigger steps in our goals and dreams, we are truly prepared. It is nature's way of sharpening our knives and honing our skills. If we know this, when we get a NO, we can turn it around and use it to our advantage - into a YES!

I feel like I have been getting a lot more NO's lately...and what I am starting to realize is it means I am getting much much closer to more YES's! I am getting more and more ready every day and so my tools are being sharpened. I am being prepared for the big things to come and I need to be ready.

A few months ago, I spoke with a successful artist. I asked him how he made it so far in his journey and was successful with his art - no easy task! He just looked at me and said that he never let NO stop him. Those words have helped me a lot in the past few months as I have stretched myself far beyond the limits of what I believed I was capable of and what I thought was truly possible. When you begin to see NO as the first step to YES, the whole world and universe opens up in to ONE BIG YES, where truly anything is possible!

Try it out in baby steps, increments, if you must. The next NO you get turn it into a YES and see yourself taking one BIG step up towards your dreams, where there truly are no limits!

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